1. – Smile when you work and your task will be less arduous.
    2. – Listen to advice provided by others, but not always. When in doubt do things your way.
    3. – Listen to the client’s requests, or ensure you are your own client.
    4. – Watch the children, their gestures, their eyes. They are the masters of beauty, you will always be a student.
    5. – Be judged, you are not alone on this planet. However, on each occasion judge the opinions expressed.
    6. – Listen to those who are older than you, especially if working with your hands. They have already experienced the problem you are facing and that now seems insurmountable.
    7. – Watch those close to you, your woman, your children, your everyday life: that is what is beautiful.
    8. – Be honest, but ensure you are paid for what you are worth. If you are not honest you will be worth nothing.
    9. – Many work around you; give them all the respect they deserve. Your worth will be in proportion to theirs on each occasion.
    10. – When every job is completed, look at the finished product and be brave; you will find defects in it that others will never see.

Text by my dear cousin, Roberto Conticell

testo redatto da Roberto Conticelli, mio caro cugino